Industrial weighbridges

For over 120 years Temo Pese has played a leading role in the production of industrial electronic scales, weighbridges and industrial weighing systems. The long experience, gained over the years, has made Temo Pese a leader in the sector and its products are a guarantee of quality.

The service we offer is concerned with all phases of the product's life, starting from its production, passing through the sale, up to an assistance system that covers the whole national territory.

One of the leading products of our company are the industrial weighbridges. Fundamental elements for weighing heavy vehicles, they represent the only legal instrument for weighing trucks and vans.

The legislation

The legislation on industrial weighbridges is established by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization and establishes the necessary requirements for the design, production and support of products, in terms of quality.

The UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard represents a mandatory certification that Temo Pese scrupulously respects to always guarantee the highest quality standards of its products, in addition to all plants are supplied with relative CE-M approval and metric certification (Directive 2014/31 / EU).

For further information consult the ISO website or Larticle on this topic.

Types of weighbridges

After this brief introduction, let's analyze the different variations of the product. The industrial weighbridges they are divided into 4 categories: le underground weighbridges, the weighbridges above the floor, concrete weighbridges and the railway weighbridges. Let's see them in more detail:

The Weighs in Ponte Filo Terra they consist of modules of variable size in metal to be installed flush with the floor. The installation can take place through the common pit built on site, or, with the help of our prefabricated universal pit; an element of uniqueness in the Italian market, able to offer a considerable economic advantage and minimum installation times (only 2 days for the complete installation of the system).

Temo Pese - Industrial weighbridges

The Weighs in Ponte Sopra Terra I'm consisting of modules of variable size in metal to be installed above the floor. In the case of already existing industrial yards, it is possible to install the weighbridge on metal plates anchored to the ground without the aid of masonry works. Otherwise, a reinforced concrete slab must be prepared according to the technical drawings supplied by us.

The concrete weighbridges they are characterized by their remarkable resistance to atmospheric agents, which make them free from corrosion and encrustations; this aspect makes these structures difficult to alter over time, thus with considerable savings on ordinary maintenance interventions. Land concrete weighbridges they can be ground wire or above ground.

The Weighs in Ponte Ferroviarie they are specially designed for the weighing of vehicles, trains and railway wagons and for its realization Temo Pese is able to satisfy the requirements of space, capacity and height that the customer needs.

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Weight management systems

All Temo Pese industrial weighbridges can be combined with a wide range of weight management systems, from tabletop instrumentation to the most sophisticated weighing software and self-service tools.

Visit the dedicated section to choose which system best suits your needs.