There I FEAR WEIGH Bilance Industriali was born in 1892.

The passion for our work has involved us in constant growth supported by the validity of the results. The company immediately placed itself at the highest levels in the market of industrial electronic scales, weighbridges, weighing systems and industrial weighing.

Innovation, passion, relationship with customers, direct contact, skills, knowledge of procurement and distribution structures; they give us strength, courage and the right conviction to continue this challenge, supported by a new entrepreneurial vision combined with the experience gained in over 120 years in the sector.

The aim of the company remains that of representing a leading player in the industrial weighing sector, with particular reference to electronic weighing systems, weighbridges, truck weighers.

All TEMO PESE weighing systems comply with current regulations, the company guarantees its products through the ISO 9001 COMPANY QUALITY SYSTEM and the CE mark.

The range of instruments used for weighing includes:
  • Modular metal weighbridges, electronic, with IP68 stainless steel load cells, to be installed underground in a 48 cm deep pit
  • Modular metal weighbridges, electronic, with IP68 stainless steel load cells to be mounted above ground
  • Prefabricated universal pit in vibrated reinforced concrete specially designed to house our weighbridges
  • Weighbridges in vibrated reinforced concrete
  • Weighbridges in mixed solution, which provide for the filling with concrete of the formwork that makes up the scales themselves
  • Electronic scales
  • Weighing terminals
  • Dynamometers
  • Dynamic weighing
  • E-Commerce portal dedicated to industrial and commercial weighing.