Our alphanumeric terminal can be connected to all electronic weighing platforms made up to 8 load cells of 350 Ω, both analogue and digital.
The indicator is made with a 4-line LCD display with the possibility of displaying other reference data in addition to the weight.
Possibility of printing through an external tag printer, or through a computer with our dedicated management software.

Technical description:

The terminal is equipped with a Test Certificate for use as a weighing system module in combination with other components approved according to the Welmec guides. It is also equipped with an EC Type Approval Certificate in accordance with the requirements of the EN-45501 standard

Main technical features:
• ABS container in table version
• LCD 20 × 4 alphanumeric display, backlit
• 36-key membrane keyboard with tactile sensation and sound signaling
• N.4 RS 232/422/485 serial outputs
• 24 bit sigma-delta A / D converter
• Keyboard configurable calibration and set-up
• Max 10,000e multi-field / multi-division version
• Power supply: 7.5 Vdc through adapter from 100 to 240 Vac 47-63 Hz
• Internal buffer battery
• 4 IN / 4 OUT I / O management
• PC keyboard input
• Operating temperature from –10 ° C to + 40 ° C
• Degree of protection IP 54
• Possibility of installing a tag printer

Software functions:

The main functions of the software are:
Language selection, Password, Code Archive Management (max 2000 codes), Weights Management (max 800 weighs), Stored Tare Management (max 400 stored), Means Management in transit (max 200 in transit), Weighing Types (entry weighing / weighing output / weighing with known tare, Prints (Plus-LX300-TM 295 printer management), Personal Computer Management (Software download - archive loading / unloading - Weighing weighing - print format loading / unloading, setup loading / unloading), Maxidisplay management, Card format (from PC with SIPIUTIL), Entry / Exit conditions programming, I / O management, Fiscal memory.