Hot-dip galvanized platform with four IP68 load cells with 5 inspection hatches and removable top. Possibility to install the platform flush with the floor through a special frame or above the floor, facilitating access with special ramps.

Our electronic terminals or one of our management software solutions can be combined.

Possibility of printing from a terminal or from a dedicated PC in case of adoption of the software solution.

Technical description:

Removable loading surface

Hot dip galvanized platform

Junction box with equalization board and six-wire output cable (5m)

Four IP68 shear load cells in AISI420 stainless steel

Accuracy class C3 (OIML R60)

Articulated feet in galvanized steel self-centering on ball

4 M12 holes for lifting eyebolts

Platform that can be connected to any model of our electronic terminals also in CE-M approved version

Variants and Measurements:

Platform n ° cells Scope
800x800mm 4 300/600 / 1500Kg
1000x1000mm 4 300/600 / 1500Kg
1250x1000mm 4 600/1500 / 3000Kg
1250x1250mm 4 600/1500 / 3000Kg
1500x1250mm 4 1500 / 3000Kg
1500x1500mm 4 1500 / 3000Kg
2000x1500mm 4 1500 / 3000Kg
2000x2000mm 4 1500 / 3000Kg
2500x1500mm 4 1500 / 3000Kg
2500x2000mm 4 1500/3000 / 6000Kg
2500x2500mm 4 1500/3000 / 6000Kg