• Weighing system built in modular panels of variable size suitable for above ground mounting.
  • Low plant height of soli About 30cm, which can be installed on existing flooring with appropriate up and down ramps without building works.
  • The carpentry bridge is made of single panels of 3m width and variable length in order to avoid problems of depression and deformation of the transit plane over time.
  • The weighing surface is made of 10mm thick lobed sheet metal.
  • The column load cells are stainless steel with IP68 watertight protection and resistant to electrical overvoltages.
  • Maintenance and control is carried out by special surface hatches.
  • Possibility to lengthen the implant at a later time.
  • The systems are supplied with relative approval and CE-M metric certification (Directive 2014/31 / EU)
  • Wide choice of weight management systems, from simple tabletop instrumentation to the most complex mode solutions SOFTWARE or SELF-SERVICE

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