The load cell is an instrument that detects the mechanical deformation of an object indirectly, reading it in millivolts or in V and transforming it into the correct unit of measurement. One or more strain gauges are applied to the load cell body which read the mechanical deformation of the material through the variation of electrical resistance. The electrical signal obtained is normally of the order of a few millivolts and requires further amplification with an instrumentation amplifier before being used.

Technical description:

The load cells we use on our weighbridges are of the HBM C16 A3 type, capacity 30t. They are self-centering load cells with steel coating. It is a perfect solution for use in harsh industrial environments.

Technical features:
- Capacity 30t
- Stainless steel construction
- IP68 environmental protection with complete hermetic closure
- High input resistance
- Calibration in mV / V / Ω