TEMO PESE Industrial Scales has been founded in 1892.

The passion for our work, has been always the key to achieve steady growth supported by valuable results. Since the first years of activity, Teme Pese has been located between the market leader in the sector of industrial electronic scales, weighbridges, weighing systems and industrial weighing.

Over the years, innovation, passion, continuous relationship with customers and suppliers, technical skills and great knowledge of the supply chain and distribution structure led Temo Pese to face with strength, courage and conviction the market challenges and to exploit several opportunities. Nowadays, Temo Pese is operating following a new entrepreneurial vision, valorizing the experience gained in more than 120 years in the field of industrial weighing.

Thanks to our strategy Temo Pese is maintaining its role of first order in the field of industrial weighing, with particular focus on electronic weighing machines weighbridges, weighing trucks.

All the weighing systems produced by TEMO PESE comply with the current national regulations. The Company guarantee its high standard products through The QUALITY CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2000 and the mark CE.

The range of instruments used for weighing applications produced by our company includes:

  • Under floor metal weighbridges with electronic load steel cells IP68, installed in the prefabricated concrete pit
  • Over floor metal weighbridges with electronic load steel cells IP68 installed above the floor level
  • Universal Prefabricated pit made of vibrated concrete, designed to accommodate our underground weighbridges
  • Concrete under floor weighbridges
  • Mixed metal-concrete weighbridges that can be installed either over or under the floor level
  • Electronic scales
  • Electronic terminal
  • Industrial cranes
  • Dynamic weighing
  • E-Commerce web-platform dedicated to industrial scales and to the retail sector.

Whole range of weighing instruments offered by Temo Pese are CE approved according to the CEE directives.