Under floor steel weighbridges

The under floor steel weighing system is made of modules of variable length which are installed at the floor level. The weighbridge is commonly positioned within a pit built on the spot.
An excellent alternative is represented by our concrete prefabricated pit .This product represents a unique solution in the Italian market wich can guarantee important advantages in terms of cost saving and installation time (2 days for the installment of the weighing system).

The bridge is made up of metal modules connected together by bolted profiles. The number and size of the modules vary according to the length of the weighbridge.

Each module’ height is 38cm and it is constituted by 8 IPE beams of 270mm which are welded together in order to constitute a single and solid platform.

This structure does not vary for the different weighbridge models , ensuring maximum reliability and top quality weighing.

The weighbridge loans against the lead cells. Each of them is anchored on swinging and self-centering supports. This system is able to distribute the load on the totality of the cells.

The inspection and maintenance of the load cells can be done through the removable hatches located on the surface of the weighbridge.

The surface of the weighbridge consists of a metal sheet with a thickness of 1cm and a particular anti-slip patter.

Temo Pese offers only the top quality load cells and electronic weighing terminals in terms of durability and reliability. Moreover, the company presents the maximum flexibility in order to develop ad-hoc solutions to meet your needs.

All the weighing system and equipment supplied by Temo Pese are approved and certified in accordance with the current national legislation.

Platform N° modules N° cells Payload
24mx3m 3 10 60/80 t
20mx3m 3 8 60/80 t
18mx3m 3 8 60/80 t
14mx3m 3 8 60/80 t
10mx3m 2 6 40/50 t
9mx3m 2 6 40/50 t
8mx3m 2 6 40/50 t