Prefabricated pit for weighbridges

The concrete prefabricated pit has been developed by Temo Pese for the under floor weighbridge. This product is unique in the market because of its significant economic benefit and its short installation time.

The pit is assembled using three different types of prefabricated modules made in vibrate concrete. These modules can be combined in order to achieve the different weighbridges’ length. All the elements of the prefabricated pit have been designed in order to perform a single load transport also for the model 3x18m. The transportataion is performed with a regular track directly to the customer site and the unloading procedures are implemented using the truck’s crane.

The assembly time also for the 18x3m model of prefabricated pit is only one day. The day after is needed to install the weighbridge. Thus, the overall assembly time for any weighing system is two days.

The prefabricated pit presents several benefit compared to the traditional pit built on the spot:
- shorter assembly time (only 2 days for the entire weighing system);
- relevant economic benefit for the customer;
- security in the quality and efficiency of the weighing system.